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On these sites I have dealt with SOAP Webservices amongst other things. Here there can be called and tested several public Web Services. The sites were implemented with ASP.NET MVC (Program language: C#, View-Engine: Razor) and also include some javascript for client-side functionality.

A web service is a software application, which is located centrally on a server and provides distinct functionalities. Unlike a web page, however, a web service is not called directly by a human user, but by other software components. For example, the payment function in online shops is often handled via web services.


The pages can be displayed either in German or in English.

For smartphones and PCs

The pages can be displayed either for normal desktop PCs or for Smartphones.

Currently are following services available:

This service determines, wether the HTTP request comes from a so-called web crawler. For this purpose the user agent string in the HTTP header is analyzed.

This service calculates the CIE tristimulus values X, Y and Z, and the color coordinates for the Lab and the Lch color space for the given reflectance values of an optical spectrometer.

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